Global Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for everyone by 2030.

At Sightsavers, we make sure all our work helps to achieve these goals.

in Bangladesh, two women stand with their arms round each other outside their home.


Nearly all the countries in the world have promised to improve the planet and the lives of its citizens by 2030.

They’ve committed themselves to 17 life-changing goals, outlined by the UN in 2015. These Global Goals, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), include ending extreme poverty, giving people better healthcare, and achieving equality for women.

The aim is for all countries to work together to ensure no one is left behind. Here you can read about the goals and learn how Sightsavers is helping to achieve them.

Watch the video to learn more about the Global Goals.

How Sightsavers is working towards the Global Goals

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Our Equal World campaign calls for the UN and its member states to uphold disability rights.
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Students walk across the playground outside their inclusive education school. One puts his arm on his friend's back.

Disability rights

We want to ensure that education, health care and employment opportunities are available to all.
Sightsavers and disability

Children in Malawi queue up to have their eyes checked by an eye health worker.

Eliminating diseases

We have ambitious plans to eliminate trachoma and other neglected tropical diseases.
Our NTD work

Sightsavers’ work directly contributes to achieving the Global Goals.

Our video shows how Sightsavers is helping to achieve the goals.

A red icon with an image of a family and the text '1: No poverty'.

1. No poverty

To end poverty, everyone should have basic healthcare, security and education.

A yellow icon with an image of a bowl and the text '2: Zero hunger'..

2. Zero hunger

Globally, one in nine people are undernourished. This goal aims to end hunger.

A green icon with an image of a heartbeat and the text '3: Good health and well-being'.'.

3. Good health

Ensuring people live healthy lives can cut child mortality and raise life expectancy.

A red icon with an image of a book and the text '4: Quality education'.'.

4. Education

The UN wants everyone to have access to inclusive, equitable quality education.

A red icon with an image of male and female symbols and an equals sign, and the text '5: Gender equality'..

5. Gender equality

Gender equality is a human right, and is vital for a peaceful, prosperous world.

A blue icon with an image of a glass of water and the text '6: Clean water and sanitation'..

6. Clean water

Clean water protects people from disease, yet three in 10 people lack access to it.

A yellow icon with an image of a sun and the text '7: Affordable and clean energy'.

7. Clean energy

Targets for 2030 include using more renewable, affordable energy.

A red icon with an image of a graph and the text '8: Decent work and economic growth'.

8. Economic growth

The aim is for sustainable economic growth and decent employment for all.

An orange icon with an image of building blocks and the text '9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure'.

9. Industry and infrastructure

This involves building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation.

A pink icon with an image of an equals sign and the text '10: reduced inequalities'.

10. No inequality

The poorest 40 per cent of the population should be able to grow their income faster than average.

A yellow icon with an image of a city skyline and the text '11: Sustainable cities and communities'.

11. Sustainability

The UN wants to increase affordable housing and make settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.

A yellow icon with an image of an infinite loop and the text '12: Responsible consumption and production'.

12. Responsible consumption

This goal aims to foster eco-friendly production, reduce waste and boost recycling.

A green icon with an image of a globe and the text '13: Climate action'.

13. Climate action

Urgent action is needed, by regulating emissions and promoting renewable energy.

A blue icon with an image of a fish and the text '14: Life below water'.

14. Life underwater

The aim is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

A greenicon with an image of a tree and the text '15: Life on land'.

15. Life on land

To stop degradation, we must preserve forest, desert and mountain ecosystems.

A blue icon with an image of a dove and the text '16: Peace, justice and strong institutions'.

16. Peace & justice

The aim is inclusive societies with strong institutions that provide justice for all.

A blue icon with an image of interlinked circles and the text '17: Pasrtnership for the goals'.

17. Partnership

If all countries are to achieve the goals, international cooperation is vital.

Sightsavers’ research is tied to achieving the goals

About our research

More about the Global Goals

A man stands in a fast-flowing river examining foliage for black flies.

Sightsavers partnership aims to research the impact of climate change on NTDs

Sightsavers and the Walker Institute will explore different climate change scenarios to predict areas that will be most affected by neglected tropical diseases in the future.

March 2022
A girl from Senegal reads braille in the classroom.

Equal World campaign launches Global Disability Summit petition

The Equal World petition calls on global decision-makers to attend the Global Disability Summit and make ambitious inclusion commitments.

November 2021
A young girl raising her hand in a classroom.
Sightsavers blog

Global Education Summit: what did Sightsavers’ Equal World campaign call for?

As leaders from more than 80 countries gathered at the summit, Sightsavers highlighted the need for policy commitments on the rights of children with disabilities.

Sightsavers, August 2021