Neglected tropical diseases

We help to treat and prevent five debilitating diseases that affect more than a billion people. These parasitic and bacterial infections are known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Children in Malawi queue up to have their eyes checked by an eye health worker.

Sightsavers' COVID-19 NTD response

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Neglected tropical diseases are a major cause of preventable blindness. They are most prevalent in rural regions, poor urban areas and conflict zones.

The diseases affect more than a billion people worldwide, and can cause severe and lifelong impairment.

Yet these diseases can be prevented, treated and eliminated.

Sightsavers works with thousands of local volunteers to distribute millions of donated treatments to protect people against NTDs, and teach them about the importance of good hygiene to prevent infection.

Here you can find out more about the five neglected tropical diseases that Sightsavers works to treat and prevent (two of which are blinding, and three that are non-blinding), as well as the progress being made to combat them and, in some cases, eliminate them completely.

Eye surgeon Dr Ndalela examines a child's eyes to check for signs of trachoma.

The End is in Sight: our campaign to eliminate trachoma

We’re on a mission to stamp out the disease by 2025, but we need your help to banish it for good.

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Our NTD projects

A child drinks water from a cup during a drug administration session in Nigeria.

Ascend: fighting disease in West and Central Africa

The three-year Ascend West and Central Africa programme, funded by UK aid, will deliver over 300 million treatments and treat five neglected tropical diseases.

Khady, 8, from Senegal is measured for her treatment.

The Accelerate trachoma elimination programme

Accelerate aims to eliminate trachoma in at least nine countries and speed up progress in several others by 2023.

Five school students in Zambia in front of a mural depicting superheroes from Sightsavers' Super School of 5 programme.

Super School of Five

This project, in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia, introduces five superhero cartoon characters to encourage school children to wash their hands and face.

A man examines black fly larvae found near the the Agogo river in northern Uganda.

Onchocerciasis elimination mapping project

We’re working with our partners in Ghana and Nigeria to devise new ways to collect valuable data about river blindness.

A close-up of a doctor holding a mobile phone.

mHealth: using mobile phones to fight disease

mHealth, which stands for ‘mobile health’, involves using mobile phones to collect data and provide training during global health programmes.

A man in scrubs standing outside.

Tropical Data

This large-scale project uses smartphone technology to gather data as part of the global fight to eliminate trachoma.

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