Leave a gift in your will

By making a donation to Sightsavers in your will, you could change the future for people in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Mary smiles as bubbles float round her head.

By donating to charity in your will, you can help us transform the lives of generations to come.

Everyone should make a will, as it is the only way to ensure your family and friends are provided for in the way you wish after you pass away. Making a will also gives you the chance to leave money or property to causes you feel passionate about. This is known as planned giving, and it’s vital so we can continue our work.

After you’ve taken care of your loved ones in your will, we’d be very grateful if you’d consider including a legacy to Sightsavers. Your donation could help us to provide sight-saving operations in the world’s poorest countries, or medication to protect communities against painful diseases that cause blindness.

For every dollar we receive, including donated supplies, 91% goes on our vital charity work, while the remainder helps us grow awareness and raise more funds. To plan our most ambitious work with confidence, we rely on the generosity of people like you who leave bequests to Sightsavers. Thank you.

Any questions?

If you want to discuss leaving a bequest to Sightsavers, please call us on +1 (800) 707-9746 or email [email protected]

Your legacy gift could help us…

Five twelve-year-olds taking part in Super School of 5 at Chikonkomene Primary in Chikankata, Zambia.

Fight disease

Your donation could protect entire communities against blinding diseases, and provide support for blind and visually impaired children so they are able to go to school.

Eight-year-old boy in surgical clothes about to have a cataract operation.

Train health workers

With your support, we could train more surgeons, eye health workers, teachers and community volunteers so they can help thousands of people with reversible sight loss.

Aliango displaying a dress she made during the UN International Day of People with Disabilities in Kiryandongo town, Uganda.

Empower people

Your gift can help us support people with visual impairments or other disabilities to ensure they can live independently, participate equally in society and fulfil their potential.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I make a will?

Leaving a will can make a difficult time that much easier. Finalising the affairs of someone who has passed away without a will causes delays and complications. During this time, your loved ones will be unable to access the money you intended for them, and legal costs could reduce the value of your estate. Making a will also enables you to leave a bequest to other causes, such as Sightsavers.

How much does a will cost?

There is no standard cost for a will, but it is often less than you’d think, and money well spent to ensure your wishes are followed and your loved ones are protected from distress. You will also need to keep your will up to date as your circumstances and family situation can change over the years. Minor additions can be made using a document called a codicil, and this is also an easy way to leave a bequest to support a charity.

How do I know what to leave?

Once you have calculated your estate, you can draw up a list of people you wish to benefit, by how much and in what way. At this point, you may also consider leaving Sightsavers a share of the assets that are left over. A residuary gift is by far the most effective form of planned giving, as the value tends to adjust in line with inflation, meaning we receive the level of support you intended.

How can my gift help?

A donation in your will could help a child like three-year-old Nadir, who was born with cataracts in both eyes. They affected his vision so badly that he couldn’t play with other children in his village.

Thanks to Sightsavers, he had an operation to restore his sight, enabling him to see clearly for the first time in his life.

You can leave a lasting legacy

Add a beneficiary

Including Sightsavers as a beneficiary in your will, retirement account, life insurance plan, or in a trust can help us to continue our work to improve lives and transform communities.

Fulfil your goals

Investing in Charitable Gift Annuities, donating stocks or giving through Charitable Gift Funds can be an effective way to achieve your philanthropic and financial goals.

Get the right advice

We recommend consulting your financial adviser for more information about how to make a will, and to decide the best method of legacy giving for your needs.

A gift in your will can change lives

Why donate to Sightsavers?