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Each year we publish a full annual report, including detailed financial statements. Download PDF versions of our reports below.

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Annual report 2020

As with every organisation across the globe, Sightsavers’ activities and performance in 2020 were dominated by the impact of COVID-19.

Sightsavers had to adapt to the challenge of pausing and repurposing our programmes, while trying to support our staff around the world against a backdrop of constantly changing restrictions and crisis measures. Our previous experience in dealing with the Ebola health crisis meant we knew how to adjust programmes during a health emergency, albeit on a smaller scale.

The pandemic led to significant change for us internally – some difficult, but some positive – and enabled us to evolve into a stronger, better connected and more inclusive organisation. We plan to incorporate what we’ve learned into Sightsavers’ ongoing development and, although the long-term impact of the pandemic is still largely unknown, we are proud of how we met the challenges and changes of 2020.

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