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The response we’ve been waiting for!

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A river on a cloudy day.

World Bank hosts river blindness summit

Sightsavers 20 June 2014

On Friday 20 June the World Bank is hosting the River Blindness: 40th Anniversary Summit in Washington DC. Continue reading

A sunset over treetops.

Blogging for sight

Sightsavers 17 June 2014

This week, inspired by Becky at, parenting bloggers are sharing what their sight means to them – to help raise awareness and donations for Sightsavers. Continue reading

A teacher writing on a blackboard in front of a group of children.

Why I’m supporting Sightsavers’ campaign

Kate Bennell 17 June 2014

For most of my school life I was not aware quite how limited my sight was; I used to think that everyone else saw the same as me. Identifying a disability is often the biggest hurdle in getting support. Continue reading

A smiling man holding a pair of crutches.

Parliamentarians to UK government: make the right decision

Natasha Kennedy 12 June 2014

Many members of parliament have been urging the government to prioritise disability within development work or risk failing the world’s poorest people. Continue reading

A line of people waiting outside a building.

Time’s up, but the wait isn’t over…

Sightsavers 10 June 2014

The government's decided whether to prioritise people with disabilities in global aid - but it's not announcing its response as soon as we'd hoped. Continue reading

A girl sitting in a classroom while a teacher writes on the blackboard behind her.

Seven days to go!

Sightsavers 03 June 2014

10 June is a crucial date, because if the UK government makes people with disabilities a priority in global aid work, it’ll change the world. Continue reading

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