Our UK Aid Match appeal explained

A small child receives his annual dose of Zithromax to protect him from trachoma/

Sightsavers’ UK Aid Match appeal will enable us to change the lives of millions of people by protecting and treating them for trachoma. Here you can learn more about the appeal, how it works, and how your donations will help us save sight around the world.

How does UK Aid Match work?

All donations made to this appeal will be matched by the UK government, pound for pound, up to £2 million. We hope that knowing your gift will go twice as far this Easter will inspire you to give – because there are so many children who desperately need your help.

Aid Match gives you, our supporters, an amazing opportunity to double the impact of your gift, enabling us to help twice as many people.  With your help, community health workers can give families the antibiotics they need to get better, as well as giving advice about trachoma and how to stop it spreading.

When does UK Aid Match apply?

Donate between 15 February and 15 May and your donation will be doubled by the UK government. Any regular donations set up within the appeal window will be matched for the first three months, and any additional amount donated on top of existing regular donations will also be matched.

Your donation will be used to support our work wherever the need is greatest. The matched funds raised through UK Aid Match will support our work to prevent and treat blinding trachoma in Tanzania.

Trichiasis patient Edisa Nalubanga has her bandages removed after surgery.

157 million people worldwide are at risk of going blind from trachoma.

More about the disease

What is trachoma?

Trachoma is an agonising, debilitating disease that traps people in a vicious cycle of pain, blindness and poverty. It stops children from playing with their friends and going to school. And it stops adults from working, looking after their families and being a productive part of their communities. Yet trachoma is totally preventable.

Trachoma can be treated with an antibiotic called Zithromax®, at a cost of as little as 15p per treatment. With your help we can reach the areas where we know trachoma is still rife. Together we can eliminate trachoma by 2025.


What impact will my donation have?

Eliminating trachoma will transform the lives of some of the most marginalised people in Tanzania. This project will work to restore, save and protect people’s sight in an inclusive and accessible environment. By working with local communities, we will create positive and lasting change to eye health in the areas in which we work. Our focus will specifically target and involve people with disabilities, women and older people.

Those who have their sight restored will be able to return to their day-to-day activities, including employment, farming, childcare and social activities, which will help to secure their income and improve their family and community life.

Help us eliminate blinding trachoma