A man and two women stand next to a dose pole.

Extra funding boosts Sightsavers’ NTD prevention area in Nigeria

Additional funding will allow the neglected tropical disease project to reach 13 million more people across two extra states in Nigeria.

A close up photo of Leonard Kalokol, a 13 years old school boy whose class has lessons in facewashing to help eliminate the blinding eye disease trachoma in Kenya.

Countries commit to eliminating neglected tropical diseases

Health ministers from Africa, Asia and South America have come together at the World Health Assembly in Geneva to commit to eliminating neglected tropical diseases in their countries.

A schoolboy in Kenya sits in the classroom holding pencil and paper while listening to the teacher.

General election manifestos: Sightsavers’ view

The parties have published their manifestos. But what will they mean for eliminating avoidable blindness and making life fairer for people with disabilities?

A woman and a man reading and laughing

Sightsavers unveils 2015 manifesto

Our manifesto outlines where where we stand, and what we want to see from whoever’s leading the country after the UK election on 7 May.

Hazrat stands with a woman and two small boys in front of a small shop in Bangladesh.

Help shopkeepers like Hazrat when you shop on eBay

Make Sightsavers your favourite charity on eBay and help visually impaired shopkeepers like Hazrat.


Your chance to hold party leaders to account on live television

The ITV leaders’ debate, featuring seven party leaders, is a great chance to ensure that development remains an important issue for all political parties.

A young girl raises her hand in a classroom full of other children.

Your chance to ask the UN Secretary General a question

Until Sunday 27 March, you have the opportunity to put a question to the candidates for United Nations Secretary General 2016.

A smiling surgeon outside a clinic in Senegal.
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UK bill ensures global aid spending will remain at 0.7%

The bill committing the UK to continue spending 0.7% of gross national income on global aid will be enshrined in law.

A woman with a disability

How double discrimination punishes women with disabilities

Sunday 8 March marks International Women’s Day, but there’s not much to celebrate if you’re a woman living with a disability in a developing country.

A teacher writing on a blackboard in front of a group of children.

Children with disabilities most likely to be denied education

Children with disabilities, children in conflict areas and girls are the most likely to miss out on going to school, according to a new campaign.

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