Sightsavers marks 50th anniversary of Mount Kilimanjaro expedition

February 2019
Old black and white photo showing a group of young men on a mountain slope.

Fifty years ago, on 20 February 1969, Sightsavers supported a group of young men with visual impairments on an expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

The purpose of the trip was to combat negative attitudes towards disability and promote the importance of education to the lives of young people with visual impairments.

A training camp was held for the men, who came from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, and they were taught skills including how to climb and abseil using ropes, and how to use radio equipment.

After they successfully reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, the young men were received in their hometowns as heroes. The three men from Uganda arrived home to a state welcome and their boots, worn out and beyond repair, were put on display in the Uganda National Museum.

Film footage from the expedition can be seen in the video below.
text alternative version is also available.

A group of girls laughing

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