UN General Assembly
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The cheat sheet: what’s going on in New York this September?

On 25 September, world leaders will meet at the United Nations General Assembly to agree global development goals for 2016-2030. Here's what you need to know.

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A historic day: UN post-2015 negotiations put disability on the agenda

It’s been a busy weekend, with people around the world waiting to see what would come out of the post-2015 negotiations in New York City.

Safiya Sanda Head of Project Management for UNITED.
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“We do whatever we can”

Nigeria has the greatest number of people living with neglected tropical diseases in Africa.

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From toilets to theatre: eliminating trachoma in Guinea-Bissau

Battling an infectious eye disease like trachoma isn’t just about handing out medication or referring people for surgery.

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Two days to go until the UK general election

When you cast your vote, you’ll be having a direct impact on how the country looks over the next five years.

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Social enterprise in India

People in developing countries often don't have access to basic health services or medicines, but Coca-Cola can be bought even in remote corners of Africa.

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In the beginning, there was 2015…

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve heard of the Post-2015 discussions – at what will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire.

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Early childhood education in Malawi for children with visual impairments

Dr Paul Lynch from the University of Birmingham discusses an childhood development training programme in Malawi for families with children who have visual impairments.

Rajab Abdawa (10), holds a ball and is surrounded by other children..
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How a radio drama in Malawi is raising awareness of albinism

Radio was chosen to educate teachers, children and local communities as it is more readily accessible, reaching even remote, rural areas.

Children learn with braille boards and pins.
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Pre-primary schooling of children with blindness and visual impairment

Unlocking the door for pre-primary schooling of children with visual impairment. Smriti Lama is seven years old and school ambassador for cleanliness.

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