Will Aid

Will Aid is a cost-effective way to get a professional will written that can also benefit Sightsavers, whether or not you choose to leave us a gift.

An elderly women sits in front of a mother with young child and a teenage boy.

A professionally written will can give you peace of mind, and is the only way to ensure your family is provided for in the way you wish when you’re gone. 

It also enables you to leave a gift to other causes you are passionate about.

Each November in the UK, solicitors who have signed up to Will Aid offer their services without charge. Rather than pay them their fee, you’re encouraged to donate to Will Aid instead, with the money supporting nine charities including Sightsavers. The suggested voluntary donation is £95 for a basic will, or £150 for a pair of basic mirror wills.

To find out about participating solicitors near you, and to make an appointment to discuss your will, visit

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How we’re helping change children’s lives

Muslima sits alone in the dark.

Sensitive eyes

Eight-year-old Muslima had cataracts which made her eyes sensitive to bright light, and she was often forced to stay inside.

Muslima has her bandages removed.

Cataract surgery

Luckily her Sightsavers-trained teacher saw she was having problems and encouraged her parents to take her for surgery.

Restored sight

After having surgery, her father picked her up and pointed up at some coconuts high in the trees. To his delight, she said she could see them.

Thinking of leaving us something in your will?

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