Supporting colleagues with physical impairments

These simple, practical tips will help to make our workplace more inclusive, so all staff feel comfortable.

A dark purple illustration showing icons for a chair, a door, a disabled parking space and a speech bubble.

Print an inclusive poster for your office

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A purple illustration showing doors.

Make sure entrances and walkways are kept clear.
This ensures that colleagues with physical impairments have plenty of space to manoeuvre.

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Ask your colleague about potential barriers and solutions.
For example, they may prefer their desk to be in an area that’s easier to access.

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Don’t leave people out of the conversation.
If a colleague is a wheelchair user and accompanied by someone else, address your colleague directly.

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Ask your colleague if they want help.
For example opening a door, picking up large items or carrying a drink. But don’t assume they need it.

A purple illustration showing a disabled parking space.

Be considerate of other people’s needs.
Only use disabled parking spaces and toilets if you are entitled to use them.

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Never move someone’s mobility aid or wheelchair without asking.
They may have positioned it so it can be accessed easily.

A purple illustration showing a chair.

If you’re having a long conversation, sit down.
It’s easier to make eye contact with a wheelchair user if you’re seated.

A purple illustration showing a thought bubble.

Always speak directly to your colleague about how you can support them.
Avoid making assumptions about a person’s capabilities.

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