Ramadan 2022

Zakat calculator

If you're not sure how much to give this Ramadan, use our online calculator to work out your zakat payment for 2022.

Roni, wearing sunglasses, and his older brother Masud, playing with brightly-coloured bubbles.

This Ramadan, your zakat can help save children's sight

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Base nisab on the value of

Gold and silver
Business assets
Short term liabilities

You are not obliged to pay zakat, as the value of your assets is under the nisab threshold.

Total amount liable for zakat:


You are still welcome to make a small donation today that can help to transform a life.

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Are you offering a Zakat fund?

We are appealing for voluntary contributions like your Sadaqah or Sadaqah Jariyah donations this month and beyond.

How your zakat could make a difference

Muslima smiling gleefully with her mouth open, while playing with three colourful finger puppets.

Your gift of £50…

could go towards the cost of a cataract operation for a child like Muslima.

A close-up of three-year-old Nadir's face, with a cloudy cataract visible in the centre of his right eye.

Your gift of £100…

could pay for a child like Nadir to see his loved ones clearly for the first time.

Nine-year-old Sumaiya smiling after her cataract operation at a hospital in Bangladesh.

Your gift of £250…

could help pay for three cataract operations for children like Sumaiya.