High-quality research is critical to help Sightsavers deliver its strategy and programmes successfully.

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Sightsavers supports research in eye health, neglected tropical diseases, education and social inclusion.

Collaborative working with a broad range of research partners is key to developing research capacity both within the organisation and among our partners, and we continue to strive to extend our network of partnerships in the countries in which we work.

Our research centre has more information on how we work, including our organisational research strategy and a selection of our past and current projects and publications.

Our research centre

In 2017, Sightsavers was awarded Independent Research Organisation (IRO) status, making us one of the only international non-governmental organisations to hold this status in the UK.

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Why we conduct research

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Inform programmes

We feed evidence back into our programme design, to make sure they help people in the best possible way.

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Generate evidence

We conduct high quality research to address global gaps in knowledge and improve how we operate.

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Build partnerships

Our research helps us to build effective partnerships so we can generate and use evidence effectively.

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Share our findings

Finally, we make sure our research findings are shared effectively, both within and outside the organisation.

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A woman affected by lymphatic filariasis (LF) sits outside her home.

Sightsavers’ research on NTDs and disability is published by Oxford University Press

The research, carried out by Sightsavers, looks at the relationship between disabilities and neglected tropical disease treatment.

May 2019
A group of volunteers sit around a table in a village in Nigeria.
Sightsavers blog

Putting learning into practice: using research to reach people at risk of NTDs in Nigeria

Nigeria carries around 25 per cent of Africa’s NTD burden. However, progress is being made and research is playing a key role in helping to eliminate the diseases.

James Yashiyi Nuphi, March 2019
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Sightsavers awarded Independent Research Organisation status

The organisation is one of the only international non-governmental organisations to hold this status in the UK.

June 2017