How to set up an online fundraiser

Setting up an online fundraiser is the easiest way to help change lives. Find out how to get fundraising in a couple of clicks.

Creating your online fundraiser is the simplest way to collect donations and keep supporters up to date with how your event is doing.

Friends and family can follow your progress, share your page and donate. What’s more, once you’ve completed your fundraiser, the money you raise is directly transferred to Sightsavers – easy!

There are a few different platforms you can use to start your fundraising. Find out how to get started.

JustGiving logo.

Best for beginners

More than £5 billion has been raised for good causes through JustGiving. It’s easy to start fundraising: sign in and follow the steps to get started!
Get started on JustGiving

GivePenny logo.

Best for sponsored activities

GivePenny is great for fundraising for sponsored activities. You can ask people to donate a certain amount, or donate per length of the pool you manage to swim.
Get started with GivePenny

Facebook logo.

Best for friends and family

Create your fundraiser on your Facebook account in a couple of clicks. Set your title and description to let your friends know what you’re doing and start raising money.
Set up your Facebook fundraiser

Tiltify logo.

Best for streaming

Want to help save sight around the world while gaming?
Tiltify makes it easy to support Sightsavers while you live stream video games or whatever you love doing!
Get ready to steam with Tiltify

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How to build a successful web page

Your fundraising will help to change lives around the world. Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your fundraising!

  1. Upload a profile picture to make the page feel more personal.
  2. Add a description about the event and explain why you’re supporting Sightsavers.
  3. Add an event date to boost donations leading up to the big day itself.
  4. Set a fundraising target to help you track your progress.
  5. Making a donation yourself can really help get the ball rolling and show how committed you are to your fundraiser.
  6. Share your page! You can copy the web address of your page and paste it into an email, message or your social media channels to share it as wide as possible. You can also tag Sightsavers – we’d love to hear your story!
  7. Post regular updates about your training and fundraising.
  8. Say thank you! Thanking donors for their kindness makes a real difference. Let them know how much you’ve raised and what it could mean for people around the world.
Three boys, one with visual impairments, smile and link arms in their school playground in Mali.

About Sightsavers

Want to tell your supporters why you're fundraising for us? Find information about Sightsavers’ vision, mission and work.

Read about us

How to promote your online fundraiser

There are lots of ways to promote your fundraiser – find some ideas below:

Sightsavers merchandise

Sightsavers branded merchandise is a great way to highlight your amazing efforts! Would you like a branded Sightsavers t-shirt for your challenge? From t-shirts and hats to collection boxes and flyers, we can provide many Sightsavers branded products for free to help promote your fundraiser. For more information, email [email protected].

Invite potential supporters

Send your friends and family a personalised invite to your fundraising event. Include a link to your fundraising page for more information and invite people to join in and share with others.

In your local community

From community centres to churches or your place of work, you can fundraise anywhere. But remember, if it’s a private business or property you will need to ask permission before putting anything up.

Image showing the fundraising pack

Download our fundraising pack

Your guide to fundraising for Sightsavers, including posters you can print and share to promote your fundraiser.

Download ZIP file

See how your fundraising can help

A woman in Malawi smiles and raises her arms in celebration.


could pay for an operation to treat an adult for the advanced stages of trachoma, helping more countries like Malawi eliminate trachoma.

Arif, who was treated for cataract by Sightsavers when he was a child, is now an adult who can drive a lorry.


could pay for cataract operations for five children like Arif, giving them the chance of a brighter future.

Eye surgeon Samson Lokele inspects a patient before her eye surgery.


could fund training for 20 health workers such as Samson, helping to build sustainable, local health services.

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Any fundraising questions? Drop us a line!

Group of people wearing Sightsavers yellow t-shirts.

Please do get in touch with any queries. We’d love to hear from you!

Email [email protected]

For answers to some of the most common queries, see our frequently asked questions.