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Our organisation

What is Sightsavers’ registered name and charity number?

We are registered with the Charity Commission as Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, but our working name is Sightsavers.

Our registered charity numbers are:
207544 in England and Wales
SC038110 in Scotland

What does Sightsavers do?

Sightsavers is an international organisation that works in more than 30 countries across Africa and Asia to eliminate avoidable blindness and ensure people with disabilities can participate equally in society.

We do what we do because almost half of visual impairment can be treated or prevented. We also believe people with visual impairments and other disabilities deserve the same opportunities to learn, earn and be happy as everyone else. So we work to ensure that no one goes blind from avoidable causes, and that people whose sight can’t be saved can live with dignity and independence.

Read more about our history and our mission.

Where does Sightsavers work?

We work in more than 30 low and middle income countries around the world, the majority in Africa and Asia.

Read more about where we work and what we are achieving in these countries.

Where can I read Sightsavers’ policies?

Downloadable PDF versions of all our organisational policies, including our privacy policy, child safeguarding policy and our statement on human trafficking, are available online on our Accountability pages.

Our spending

How does Sightsavers spend its money?

For every £1 we receive (including donated supplies), 91p directly helps to prevent blindness, restore sight and support the irreversibly blind, and 9p grows awareness and funds.

If you choose to kindly donate to our work, your donation will go into our general funds and will be spent wherever the need is greatest. Examples of how your gift will help include:

Eye care
You’ll be supporting projects that will restore sight and prevent sight loss in some of the poorest communities in the world. Blindness can make coping with poverty so much harder, so these projects really do give children and adults a brighter future.

With your support, we can help children with visual impairments to go to school, giving them the best possible chance of an independent future.


Your gift will help to provide training and support for people who are blind, enabling them to lead fuller, more independent lives.

Watch our short video to learn how your donation transforms lives.

How do I find Sightsavers’ annual accounts and reports?

We are committed to ensuring all our work is cost-effective and transparent.

Our Annual Report and financial statements provide detailed information about where your money goes, our global statistics and our objectives.

Visit our governance page for more information about how we’re run.

Giving to Sightsavers

Can I specify where my money is spent?

Thank you for wanting to support a particular area of work. Unfortunately it would cost Sightsavers too much to administer thousands of different gifts to different areas, therefore your donation will go into our general funds and be used wherever the need is greatest.

It costs just 15p to treat the painful trachoma infection or £30 to perform cataract surgery on an adult, so you can be sure your money will help to save sight and change the lives of some the poorest people in the world.

If you’re thinking about donating £10,000 or more, it may be possible for us to allocate your donation to a particular area of our work. Click here to find out more about becoming a major donor. Alternatively, contact the Major Donor team to find out how we can work with you to help you achieve your philanthropy goals: email  [email protected] or call +44 (0)1444 227 430.

How do I set up a direct debit?

Thank you for wanting to set up a direct debit with Sightsavers. There are lots of ways to do this:

  • Online via our donation page.
  • Call us on +44 (0)800 089 2020 (our lines our open seven days a week, 8am-10pm).
  • We can send you a direct debit form: email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1444 446 600.

Did you know that even the smallest of donations can make a huge difference? Not only could you be giving someone the miracle of sight every month, but having your regular support will enable us to plan ahead and ensure our life-changing work can continue in future.

How do I make changes to my direct debit?

If you would like to amend your direct debit, such as changing the amount or updating your bank details, call +44(0)1444 446 600 and our Supporter Care team will amend your details safely and securely over the phone.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to inform us of any changes. NOTE: for security reasons, please DO NOT send personal bank details to this email address.

How do I update my address on your records?

If your address has changed, call +44(0)1444 446 600 and our Supporter Care team will amend your details safely and securely over the phone. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

Please be aware that with our postal mailings, this change of address can take up to six weeks to come into effect.

How do I make a one-off donation?

Thank you for wanting to donate to Sightsavers! There are lots of ways to make a one-off donation:

  • Online via our donation page.
  • Call us on +44(0)800 089 2020 (our lines our open seven days a week, 8am-10pm)
  • Send a cheque, made payable to Sightsavers, to FREEPOST SIGHTSAVERS.

It’s incredible to think that for some people, the difference between sight and blindness could be a treatment that costs as little as 35p. Imagine being able to provide that for someone – it would be the best 35p you’d ever spent.

Why is Gift Aid so important?

Gift Aid is very important to Sightsavers. If your donation is eligible for Gift Aid and you complete the Gift Aid declaration, Sightsavers is able to claim back 25 per cent of the value of any donations you make, at no extra cost to you, in the form of tax relief. This enables us to carry out more cataract operations, distribute more tablets to prevent river blindness and help more children with visual impairments go to school.

If you’re a UK taxpayer and you will pay more tax within a tax year than the value of the Gift Aid provided by the government, your donations will be eligible for Gift Aid.

If you would like register for Gift Aid or check if you are registered for Gift Aid with Sightsavers, call us on +44(0)1444 446 600.

If you are already registered for Gift Aid with Sightsavers and any of your details have changed (such as your name or address), please let us know by calling +44(0)1444 446 600 or emailing [email protected].

How can I give a gift to Sightsavers in memory of a loved one?

Please accept our sincerest condolences for your loss and thank you so much for thinking of us at this time.

If you would like to donate to Sightsavers in memory of a loved one, please call +44(0)1444 446 600 or email [email protected]. Our Supporter Care team will then advise you how you can donate.

How do I leave a legacy to Sightsavers?

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Sightsavers in your will. By including Sightsavers in your will, you could change the future for generations of people in some of the world’s poorest countries.

To find out more, visit our leave a legacy page, call us on +44(0)1444 446 600 or email [email protected].

How can I fundraise for Sightsavers?

Thank you for wanting to fundraise for Sightsavers! There are lots of fun and exciting ways to raise money, from running the London Marathon to hosting a coffee morning. Everyone has something they love doing that could help us raise funds.

For more information, visit our fundraising pages. If you’d like a fundraising pack, contact our events team at [email protected] or call +44(0)1444 446 710.

Are my donations secure?

Yes, your donations are secure. The safety and security of your personal information and donations is extremely important to us.

We make every effort to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place, including many technical controls. This includes regular security audits of our networks and the use of encryption technology on our website. You will see the ‘https’ and padlock displayed in the address bar on our website and donation pages, which means your information is secure.

See our terms and conditions to read more about how Sightsavers uses and protects your data.

Does Sightsavers sell my details or share them with other organisations?

Sightsavers is a supporter of the Fundraising Regulator, which ensures that organisations raising money from the public do so honestly and properly. All the details that Sightsavers has about you are confidential.

We do not sell or swap data with other companies, meaning your details won’t be passed on to any third parties.

Read more about our fundraising promises to our supporters.

I have some spare glasses: can I donate them to you?

Thank you for thinking of Sightsavers. Unfortunately we are unable to accept donated spectacles. We work with local suppliers to provide the correct spectacle prescriptions for those who need them, which we find is the most-cost effective solution.

We would recommend contacting your local opticians to see if they accept used spectacles.

Job opportunities

Are there any job opportunities with Sightsavers?

Visit our jobs page to find out more about our current job opportunities around the world.

Please be aware that we do not accept applications through CV. When applying for a role, please fill out the necessary forms.

Can I volunteer with Sightsavers?

Thank you for wanting to volunteer your time and skills to help Sightsavers. Unfortunately we do not use the services of volunteers from the UK for our overseas work. All our overseas staff and volunteers are recruited in the countries in which we work. We also do not use volunteers in the UK or at the UK head office.

A key element in many of our programmes is training local health workers, including cataract surgeons, nurses, specialist teachers and health volunteers, so they can provide their own community with the eye care service it needs. We see this as crucial to the long-term sustainability of our programmes, and is the most cost-effective way to use the limited resources available to us.

Contact information

How can I contact Sightsavers?

Thank you for wanting to get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Call us on +44(0)1444 446 600
Email us at [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter @Sightsavers
Like us on Facebook
Find out more about us on YouTube
Take a look at us on Instagram

See our contact page for more information about getting in touch.

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