Strengthen national capacities on paediatric ophthalmology in Bangladesh: end-of-term evaluation

The project, which ran from November 2011 to May 2013, was overseen by Sightsavers, funded by USAID and managed by World Learning.

It aimed to increase capacities to train paediatric ophthalmic teams, improve leadership and management at the National Institute of Ophthalmology and Hospital on paediatric eye services, and establish a paediatric outpatient department at Bangladesh Jatya Andha Kalyan Somiti Comilla.

The purpose of this end-line evaluation was to assess the project achievements against targets to date. It also aimed to identify the factors influencing programme delivery, capture lessons learned, and recommend strategic direction to strengthen future programme design. Publication date: February 2015.

A boy smiles and is embraced by his father after having his dressings removed following eye surgery in Bangladesh.

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