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Visually impaired children sitting at a classroom desk.

Leaving fewer people behind: our progress on disability inclusion

Great progress has been made in the past five years on disability-inclusive global development, but it’s critical we don’t lose momentum.

Dominic Haslam, December 2018
Close-up photo of hands reading braille.

The UK disability summit: 100 days to go

It's 100 days until the world’s first global disability summit, hosted by the UK government’s Department for International Development.

Dominic Haslam, April 2018
A woman collects data using a mobile phone.

In Cape Town, everybody counts

This week was the first ever UN World Data Forum in Cape Town. During three full days, experts explored how to measure progress towards the SDGs.

Dominic Haslam, January 2017
A mountainous landscape in Malawi with a solo motorbike.

A UK eyesight crisis – and how different it could have been elsewhere

Earlier this week, my mother nearly went blind. In less than a day, the pressure in one of her eyes went from the norm of 10-21mm Hg to 81 mm Hg.

Dominic Haslam, December 2016
A close up of a woman stands and talks in the middle of a group of people.

UK aid: The right support is vital in the fight against global poverty

The future of the UK government’s commitment to development aid rests in the hands of the Department for International Development.

Dominic Haslam, August 2016
Hamza Kamuna, from Uganda, is blind and has been out of school for more than two years

Time to make exclusion history: how inclusive development could bring global change

Yesterday was the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Dominic Haslam, December 2015
A visually impaired man and a woman holding hands as they walk outside.

Imagination in the making: the inclusion of disability in the SDGs

Leaders from the disability and civil society sectors came together to celebrate the inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dominic Haslam, September 2015
A close up photograph of someone's hand running over a sheet of braille.

Disability and data: how we can make progress

At an International Disability Alliance meeting in New York, Sightsavers’ Dominic Haslam shared our experience of collecting data disaggregated by disability.

Dominic Haslam, September 2015
Nacel sits in a dark room with her hand resting on a table.

In the beginning, there was 2015…

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve heard of the Post-2015 discussions – at what will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire.

Dominic Haslam, March 2015
A young man smiling, holding a pair of crutches.

A vision of disability-inclusive development

Sightsavers has been involved in thinking about what replaces the Millennium Development Goals when they expire next year.

Dominic Haslam, December 2014