How to make your work inclusive

Our accessibility pack offers guidelines for creating accessible communications that are easy to understand, user-friendly and available in many formats, so everyone can enjoy them.

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Why make communications accessible? The answer is simple: to ensure as many people as possible can access, understand and appreciate your work.

If you don’t consider accessibility, you will exclude some of your audience, meaning your message will not be delivered as effectively as it should.

Accessibility starts at the very beginning of the communication process, every time: it should never be an afterthought. Think about the different needs of your audience, and understand that people process information in different ways.

This doesn’t just apply to people with permanent disabilities. Everyone will have different needs at different times and in different circumstances. By removing barriers for people with disabilities or learning difficulties, you will make the experience better for everyone.

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In-depth accessibility guides


Many accessibility tips apply across different mediums and platforms. Read all the essential dos and don’ts here.

General tips
Inclusive design


From posters and brochures to animation, it's important to ensure your projects follow inclusion guidelines.

Brochures and flyers
Research posters


Many software packages have built-in accessibility features to help make your work as inclusive as possible.



When creating digital content, follow these tips to ensure your users can access and understand your work.

Social media


Make sure your guests feel included, whether you’re hosting an in-person meeting or a virtual gathering.

In-person meetings
Online meetings

Alt text

Alt text is vital for screen reader users. Find out how to maximise its impact to ensure your work is inclusive.

Alt text guide