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Sightsavers promotes inclusive, quality education to make sure all children can learn together in classrooms with teachers who are trained to support their needs.

Children at school in Senegal watch as their teacher writes on the blackboard.

We aim to ensure all children, with and without disabilities, can learn together in mainstream schools.

We support all children with disabilities. We don’t just focus on children with visual impairments – we also include children who have difficulty moving, hearing, understanding and communicating.

We work with schools to promote quality education. We make sure children with disabilities have the support they need, such as specialist equipment, reading materials and tuition. We also promote orientation and mobility training to enable children to move around easily and safely, and we ensure children with disabilities are always respected and valued by other children.

We aim to help improve the entire education system. By working not just with schools, but whole education systems, we can ensure governments provide schools with the necessary support.

  • In Kenya, we work with national assessment and resource centres to ensure children with disabilities are assessed and given follow-up support where needed.
  • In Uganda, we work with teacher training colleges to ensure trainee teachers have the skills needed to include children with disabilities in their classrooms.
  • In Cameroon, we work with the Ministry of Education’s national network of 64 inclusive primary schools, including providing teacher training packs.

We help governments to develop inclusive policies. By strengthening national policy frameworks, we can ensure children receive the support they need. In Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Education asked us to help develop a new national inclusive policy, which we achieved via a widespread consultation process that included the national disabled people’s organisation.

In Senegal, a boy wearing a bright blue top writes on a chalk board at his desk in the classroom.

Inclusive education in Senegal

Sightsavers’ inclusive education pilot project in Senegal has demonstrated that children with and without disabilities can learn together in mainstream schools.

Our project in Senegal

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