Political participation resources

We want to ensure that people with disabilities can participate in decision-making at all levels, so their voices can be heard and represented in civic life.

We’re working with governments and partners in Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Senegal to promote citizenship and disability inclusion in political participation. Women and men with disabilities are being elected as local councillors and represented in council committees, so they can meaningfully contribute to local development and monitor decisions through inclusive mechanisms.

Through our work, we’ve produced the following resources.

Pascaline sits at a table with a pen in her hand.


Disability inclusion, the time is now!

French with English subtitles, 12 minutes

This video highlights the main achievements from our political participation project in Cameroon. It covers the progress made in advocating for inclusive elections and demonstrates the importance of involving people with disabilities in public affairs, so they can take an active role in local development in their communities.

Political participation of people with disabilities in Senegal: from dream to reality

French with English subtitles, 5 minutes

The video shows the process that was followed in Senegal to bring about systemic change and include people with disabilities in national policies and programmes. The political participation project aimed to challenge negative perceptions about disability that have led to the exclusion of people with disabilities from political life.

English with French and English subtitles, 8 minutes

Nathalie Madiesse, a programme officer at the Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities, explains how advocacy, consultation and a review of electoral laws led to the development of proposals for more inclusive electoral laws that were presented to the government of Cameroon.


How we’re supporting people with disabilities

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