We work with local and national partners to support the inclusion of people with disabilities in economic empowerment programmes.

Monica Friday photographed in her classroom on the first day of her plumbing course at the Nile Vocational Training Institute in Hoima, Uganda. She is dressed in blue overalls and holding a wrench.

Sylvia, a graduate of our Connecting the Dots project, is a role model to other young people with disabilities.

Disability and poverty are inextricably linked. Poverty limits people’s access to health, education and other services, and can push people into accepting more dangerous jobs. This puts them at higher risk of accidents and disability.

People with disabilities are less likely to escape poverty, as their chances to earn a living are limited by stigma, discrimination and a lack of accessible workplaces.

To break this cycle, it’s critical for people with disabilities to be empowered and financially independent.

Three young adults smiling and walking outside hand in hand.

Connecting the Dots

This innovative training and employment programme, funded by the European Commission, has transformed the lives of hundreds of young people with disabilities in rural western Uganda.

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There are so many disabled people who have not been given a chance, a voice.
Sylvia, Connecting the Dots alumni
Sylvia smiling and talking on a mobile phone outside.

How employment opportunities can change lives

Rajab is sitting, holding his camera.

Rajab’s story

Rajab is the sort of person you want on your team. He’s upbeat and ambitious, and he thinks big.
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Rita sits, making jumpers on her knitting machine.

Rita’s story

Rita’s journey to become financially self-sufficient has transformed her life and challenged her family’s prejudice.
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Sankarlal working in his shop.

Sankarlal's story

Sankarlal has a positive, go-getting attitude and lack of self-pity that is truly inspirational.
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Reviews and reports

iReflect: Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion

A review of Sightsavers’ work on economic empowerment and financial inclusion.

View the review [pdf]


Supplementary evidence review: Facilitating the economic independence of people with disabilities in low and middle income countries

Drawing on primary data, academic analysis and practitioner commentaries, this review describes the range, diversity and impact of interventions in low and middle income countries between 1990 and 2013.

View the review [pdf]


Fact sheets

Inclusive: Barrier-Free Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh fact sheets

These fact sheets sum up some of the achievements from our project in Bangladesh, covering inclusive education, entrepreneurial skills, empowering women, strengthening local groups and human rights awareness.

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