Inclusive Futures

The Inclusive Futures initiative aims to ensure all children and adults with a disability have the same chance as everyone else to access education, health and work opportunities.

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There are more than a billion people living with disabilities in the world, and more than three quarters of them live in low- and middle-income countries.

But many of them are unable to access good-quality education, health or employment without facing stigma and discrimination.

Sightsavers is working with more than 20 other international development organisations, as well as organisations of people with disabilities and country partners, to ensure no one is left behind. We want the same opportunities to exist for everyone, everywhere.

As part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, we asked jobseekers in Kenya, and employees of private sector companies in Nigeria, to tell us about their experiences of seeking employment as a person with a disability, and some of the barriers they’ve faced in establishing their careers.

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The initiative brings togethe global development partners, people with disabilities, and the public and private sectors in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Inclusive Futures programmes are funded by USAID and UK aid.

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How we’re working towards a more inclusive world

A man in a wheelchair is assisted by a health worker. There is no ramp to gain access into the building.


We want to make all health services accessible for people with disabilities. By collaborating with organisations of people with disabilities, we make sure authorities, service providers and health care facilities are inclusive.
Our approach to health

In Senegal, a boy wearing a bright blue top writes on a chalk board at his desk in the classroom.


We work with families, schools and governments to make education inclusive for children with disabilities. We ensure pupils have access to assistive technology and anti-bullying support, and teachers are trained in social inclusion.
Our work in education

A women with crutches sits next to computers in an office smiling.


We partner with disability groups, research institutes, non-government organisations and employers to change the way companies train and hire people with disabilities, and we pioneer new ways to help them find work.
Our employment programmes

Stigma and discrimination

We tackle negative stereotypes by training the media to produce content that challenges discriminatory attitudes about disability. We also gather evidence and research on discrimination to help governments improve social inclusion.
Our projects tackling stigma

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What does Inclusive Futures do?

  • We generate robust evidence of what works to enable people with disabilities to access quality education, health and work.
  • We develop partnerships between private, public and civil society to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • We offer training initiatives and internships to improve the skills of people with disabilities, improving their chances of getting a job.
  • We strengthen the disability movement in each country to develop their knowledge and resources, so they can continue to advocate for and support people with disabilities.
  • We will make any evidence widely available so that workplaces, health and education systems and countries worldwide can be disability inclusive.
  • We increase international action and investment in disability inclusion.
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Our partners

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Stories from Inclusive Futures

A teacher in Nigeria outs her arm on a student's shoulders as they stand at the blackboard.
Sightsavers stories

Transforming education for every child in Kenya and Nigeria

In Nigeria and Kenya, two innovative education projects are enabling children with disabilities to reach their potential.

Jeniffer prepares the crops outside her home.

Sightsavers and partners launch US$6 million inclusion and labour rights programme

The Global Labor Program, part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, aims to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities and improve labour rights at two large Kenyan companies.

March 2022
Three people in protective clothing and masks stand outside conducting Covid research.

Research shows ‘shocking’ exclusion of people with disabilities during pandemic

The research, part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, found many people with disabilities were unable to get help with food, medicine and other relief efforts.

September 2021
A photograph Rasak Adekoya taken in a Sightsavers office

Sightsavers Nigeria’s Rasak Adekoya becomes One Young World ambassador

Rasak was selected for his work tackling the barriers faced by people with disabilities as part of the Inclusion Works programme in Nigeria.

August 2021
A man smiling.
Sightsavers stories

Collins' story

Disability activist Collins Ombajo shares his personal story, his work in advocacy and what drives him to be involved in the Inclusive Futures programme.

A man talking into a microphone.
Sightsavers stories

Tackling disability discrimination with BBC Media Action

In Bangladesh, we caught up with BBC Media Action to find out how they’re training journalists to improve how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media, and tackle negative stereotyping and perceptions.

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