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Photo of Becki Jupp.

Becki Jupp

Becki has been a fundraiser for 15 years across a number of charities, both large and small. She is currently Director of Individual Giving at Sightsavers and is responsible for raising £30 million across a range of activities, from events to legacies, in a number of countries.

Before Sightsavers, Becki spent several years managing the supporter recruitment programme at WWF-UK, and moved on to set up its Innovation function. She has also worked with the Alzheimer’s Society and The Princes Trust.

Elaine Lee.

Elaine Lee

An economics and business graduate, Elaine began her career in marketing in the energy and mail-order wine sectors. She then became a Marketing Analyst, before moving to Time-Life as European telemarketing director. In 2005 she co-founded marketing consultancy firm ReynoldsBusbyLee, which works with commercial and charity clients to improve customer experience.

Elaine is an Adviser at direct marketing trade association DMA and co-chairs its Vulnerable Taskforce. She is a Telephone Preference Service board member, and a member of the Institute of Fundraising.

Maria Lindegård Eiderholm

Maria has been a lawyer in Sweden for 15 years, providing advice to Swedish and international non-profit organisations, and has worked with Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd (FRII), a lobby organisation for Swedish NGOs. She has been a member of Insamlingsstiftelsen Sightsavers International Sverige since the organisation was founded.

Maria specialises in company and IT/IP law and is a member or deputy of the board in several Swedish companies and organisations.

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