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Children with disabilities have the right to a quality education. Share our urgent call for action at the upcoming Transforming Education Summit.

Children at a pre-school centre in Malawi.

Sightsavers and partners are setting homework for global leaders.

Even before the pandemic, as many as 33 million children with disabilities in low and middle income countries were out of school. We’re setting homework for global leaders to ensure the 240 million children living with disabilities are included in education plans made at the Transforming Education Summit on 19 September 2022. Help us spread the word. 

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Global leaders, we’re setting you homework. There are 240 million children with disabilities around the world, and many can’t access education. This month’s #TransformingEducation summit is a chance for you to change this. It’s time to #DoYourHomework. #SDG4

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Today we’re setting global leaders sociology homework:

– Embrace diversity and include children with disabilities in mainstream education
– Collect education data that includes disability, age and gender

It’s time to #DoYourHomework and start #TransformingEducation. #SDG4

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Calling all global leaders! We’re setting you economics homework today:

Invest in inclusive training, so that teachers can respond to diverse learning needs and develop flexible curriculums for all children.

#DoYourHomework and start #TransformingEducation. #SDG4

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Hi global leaders, today’s homework is all about politics:

Implement policies, plans and budgets to include and support children with disabilities.

#DoYourHomework and start #TransformingEducation. #SDG4

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We’re giving global leaders homework ahead of the #TransformingEducation summit. Today’s class is computing.

We need to tackle the digital divide and ensure digital learning and other education technologies are accessible for all.

#DoYourHomework #TransformingEducation #SDG4

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Global leaders, are you ready to #DoYourHomework and start #TransformingEducation?

Today’s class is maths. You need to allocate sustainable financing for inclusive education so that all children with disabilities can learn.


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It’s almost time for the #TransformingEducation summit to begin, so here’s our last task for global leaders: Design homework.

Involve people with disabilities in all stages of inclusive education design and make sure their voices are heard. #DoYourHomework #SDG4

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  1. Use Twitter’s descriptive text functionality to describe images for people who are visually impaired.
  2. Keep links in full rather than scrambling them with a link shortener, so that users know where they are being directed to.
  3. If using video content with audio, add subtitles so that the video can be understood without sound.

If you have any questions about using this toolkit or the about the campaign, please email [email protected]