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July 2020
Fahad smiles while wearing sunglasses as he sits beside a colourful bush.

A new free online games platform is celebrating its launch by supporting Sightsavers for a month.

Games Raisers World hopes to raise enough money to pay for 1,700 sight-saving cataract operations after pledging 75 per cent of proceeds from advert revenue to Sightsavers.

All users have to do is choose from over 400 family-friendly games on the website and watch a short advert before playing the game. Just by watching the ad, players will generate revenue and proceeds will be donated to Sightsavers until 15 July 2020.

Cataracts are an eye condition caused by protein build-up, causing cloudy patches to form on the lens of the eye. Over time, these patches often grow bigger, causing blurry, misty vision and if left untreated can lead to blindness. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness globally. Around 20 million people are blind as a result of cataracts.

But just £28 can pay for an adult to have a cataract operation and restore their sight. Sightsavers aims to make it easier for people to be treated for cataracts, especially in countries where surgery is not always readily available.

More information about how to play the games and support Sightsavers can be found here.

Find out more about Sightsavers’ work here.

A child who is suffering from cataracts hugs his mother.

What are child cataracts?

Cataracts are often thought to only affect older people, but in poorer countries they can be a huge problem for babies and infants too.

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