MTHK teams up with Sightsavers to raise funds to improve eye care

March 2023

Eye care company MTHK has partnered with Sightsavers ahead of World Health Day to help improve access to eye health services in Africa and Asia.

MTHK is a brand that sells preservative-free, vegan eye drops, sprays and vitamins. It’s co-founded by some of the world’s leading eye surgeons and scientists. Every purchase will help Sightsavers in our mission to protect sight and fight for disability rights worldwide.

Amar Radia, co-founder of MTHK, said: “We’ve partnered with Sightsavers, an international charity dedicated to preventing avoidable blindness and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. With every purchase, we fund eye tests and treatments for people living with vision-related disabilities worldwide. Our partnership allows us to provide sight-saving treatments to people in need through eye exams, operations, medicine and more.”

MTHK logo

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