VUEAV and VUE Bear partner with Sightsavers to help protect sight

July 2023

Visual technology company VUEAV has teamed up with Sightsavers to help protect sight and fight for disability rights in Africa and Asia.

Dubai-based VUEAV offers innovative visual technologies for the corporate, retail, events and creative sectors. VUEAV will be donating £10,000 every year to help secure a brighter future for people in the countries where Sightsavers works. The company’s cuddly mascot, VUE Bear, will be on hand at events to promote the partnership.

VUEAV partner Simon Smith said: “Since we began in 2018, we’ve been committed to creating an organisation with heart, and that includes inclusion and care for our staff and everyone touched by our work. We recognise that to be truly inclusive is to think outside the box. For us, that means being mindful of those who aren’t blessed with the gift of sight.

“VUE Bear is a symbol of our partnership with Sightsavers and represents the financial contribution we’re proud to be making. We hope the partnership will help increase awareness of Sightsavers’ work and its tremendous efforts to treat and prevent avoidable blindness.”

VUEAV logo
Vue Bear mascot
The company’s cuddly mascot VUE Bear.

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