A women has a bandage over one eye.
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Improving behaviours around face washing and environmental sanitation

JHUCCP was given a grant by Sightsavers to investigate how best to improve facewashing and sanitation to prevent trachoma. Here are the findings.

Sisters Awa and Arame Ndiaye sit next to each other, both of them are smiling.
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How universal health coverage could change the lives of millions

Each year, an estimated 150 million people are impoverished because of high health care costs, and 100 million people are pushed into poverty.

A young man smiling, holding a pair of crutches.
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A vision of disability-inclusive development

Sightsavers has been involved in thinking about what replaces the Millennium Development Goals when they expire next year.

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Reaching out to children with disabilities in remote areas

Early intervention is crucial in mitigating and preventing developmental disabilities.

A female teacher is standing at the front of a classroom teaching, many school children are looking at her.
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Informing discussions on data and disability

How can lessons from our programmes inform discussions on data and disability? Data is a hot topic in development, with many discussions on its potential.

Close up photo of an older woman.
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NTDs and disability: time for new thinking

I recently attended the NNN (NTD (neglected tropical disease) NGDO network) annual meeting, taking place this year in Paris.

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The road to elimination: three stories from Mali

Last March, five regions in Mali were given ground-breaking news that would change the future of their communities.

A family - mother, father, five children and a puppy - sitting in front on their house.
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Campaign update: How’s the picture looking?

Although parliament’s a bit quiet at this time of year, we’re making sure the Put Us in the Picture campaign doesn’t fall off the agenda.

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Preparations in the field for disability disaggregation data collection

The suggestion that the North India office conduct a pilot in collecting disability disaggregated data excited me for two reasons.

Trichiasis patient Agnes John Milanzi at home the day after surgery. One of her young sons sits in the background.
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Improving healthcare for all

On 10 July, Lynne Featherstone MP will be giving evidence to the UK Parliamentary Committee inquiry into health system strengthening.

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