Manju, an Indian woman with a disability, sits and thinks.
Sightsavers Reports

Framing perceptions: an exhibition

A Sightsavers exhibition booklet by photographer Graeme Robertson focusing on stories of empowered lives and the impact of exclusion.

Nazondani Mologeni, 76, having her eyes checked by OCO Harold Malinda.
Sightsavers Reports

Advancing Healthy Communities in East Africa: end-of-term evaluation

The programme aimed to increase access to eye health services and to reduce the cataract surgical backlog in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

A group of residents in Kolkata, dressed in colourful clothing.
Sightsavers Reports

Kolkata Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Programme: end-of-term evaluation

This project was developed to reduce avoidable blindness in Kolkata, especially among vulnerable women and children living in urban slum areas.

Arjuna Socia stands outside the Kibwoona Health centre in Masindi, Uganda.
Sightsavers Reports

Elimination of onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis

Sightsavers' work on onchocerciasis has been integrated with lymphatic filariasis. This ten year strategic plan now covers both diseases.

An older woman stands alone in Bangladesh.
Sightsavers Reports

Voices of the marginalised: summary

A report summary exploring what persons with disabilities and older people understand as the causes of their social, economic and political exclusion.

A smiling mother with a visual impairment hugs her young son.
Sightsavers Reports

Voices of the marginalised: full report

A Sightsavers project to bring the perspectives of those who live in poverty or who are highly marginalised into post-2015 policy making.

Three smiling women take a break from their packaging business.
Sightsavers Reports

Voices of the marginalised: summary (Bangla version)

The Bangla version of a report drawing on the real-life stories of persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh, as told to researchers.

A mother with her son in Dhaka. He is wearing his new spectacles.
Sightsavers Reports

Bangladesh Dhaka Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Project: end-of-term evaluation

The project aimed to strengthen eye care facilities, increase awareness of eye care among poor urban communities, and increase access to eye services.

Three children lean over a wall and fill yellow containers with water from a tap.
Sightsavers Reports

Kenya Marsabit Trachoma Control Programme: end-of-term evaluation

Since April 2011, we have been running a trachoma control project with Comic Relief funding in Marsabit, focusing on the scale-up of the SAFE strategy.

A boy smiles and is embraced by his father after having his dressings removed following eye surgery in Bangladesh.
Sightsavers Reports

Strengthen national capacities on paediatric ophthalmology in Bangladesh: end-of-term evaluation

The project aimed to train paediatric ophthalmic teams, improve leadership and management, and establish a paediatric outpatient department.

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