Students practice using measuring sticks to calculate drug dosages in Masindi, Uganda.

NTD activities in Africa in the COVID-19 era: the need for a ‘hybrid’ approach in COVID-endemic times

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating, resuming neglected tropical disease activities, particularly mass drug administration, is vital in achieving WHO Roadmap targets.


Rising Voices: Mainstreaming women with disabilities in India-EU international cooperation

The paper aims to bring the voices of women with disabilities to the fore. It details how supporting women with disabilities to know their rights has helped them to stand up for themselves, gain independence and support others.

Student Ariane smiles at her desk while wearing her new glasses.

Promoting inclusive education for girls and boys with disabilities in West and Central Africa policy brief summary

To ensure every child has access to quality education, this policy briefing recommends all stakeholders work together to reform education systems.

Woman pushing child in wheelchair

Guidance for including people with disabilities in responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

In the immediate- and long-term response, it is vital that all development partners take steps to strengthen health systems that are disability-inclusive.

A young girl sitting on the ground outside.

A quick guide to Sightsavers’ inclusive education work

This leaflet provides an overview of our education work which promotes inclusive, lifelong learning opportunities for all children, leaving no child behind.

Illustration of children with disabilities playing outside of a prre-school in Malawi.

Training flipchart for the inclusion of children with disabilities in pre-schools in Malawi

A course designed for caregivers on the inclusion of young children with disabilities in community-based childhood care centres in Malawi.

A woman wears a welding mask and carries tools.

Annual inclusion report 2019

The purpose of this report is to share learning, highlight our work and stimulate and challenge both ourselves and our partners.

A man with sore eyes looks at the camera.

Trachoma elimination in Africa: Lessons from two multi-country initiatives

An evaluative learning exercise of two initiatives to eliminate trachoma in ten African countries.

A group of smiling children in Bangladesh, some wearing spectacles.

Paediatric eye care services in Bangladesh

The programme aimed to support children from poor communities to access quality eye care services and improve awareness of the importance of early eye screening.

People line up along a jetty in the Subdarbans in southern India.

Sundarbans Eye Health Service Strengthening Project

The five-year programme aimed to make progress towards the eliminiation of avoidable blindness in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal by 2020.