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Deus Turyatemba stood in his office

How I’m building a career as a blind person in Uganda

Deus Turyatemba of Standard Chartered shares his story of career progression, and explains the bank’s partnership with Sightsavers’ Inclusion Works programme.

Guest Blogger, July 2019
Sightsavers’ Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame.

“Some governments are still leaving the majority of us behind”

Advocacy Advisor Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame speaks at the 10th Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Guest Blogger, June 2017
Ambrose Murangira is Executive Director of the Ugandan National Association of the Deaf

“Rather than a negative attitude, it’s a lack of awareness”

Ambrose Murangira is Executive Director of the Ugandan National Association of the Deaf and a passionate disability activist.

Guest Blogger, November 2016
A man and lady are sat outside. The lady has a small boy on his lap. Sitting next to the man is a young boy.

Early childhood education in Malawi for children with visual impairments

Dr Paul Lynch from the University of Birmingham discusses an childhood development training programme in Malawi for families with children who have visual impairments.

Guest Blogger, February 2015
Rajab Abdawa (10), holds a ball and is surrounded by other children..

How a radio drama in Malawi is raising awareness of albinism

Radio was chosen to educate teachers, children and local communities as it is more readily accessible, reaching even remote, rural areas.

Guest Blogger, January 2015
Children learn with braille boards and pins.

Pre-primary schooling of children with blindness and visual impairment

Unlocking the door for pre-primary schooling of children with visual impairment. Smriti Lama is seven years old and school ambassador for cleanliness.

Guest Blogger, January 2015
A older man is looking a wall, with lots of photographs of family on it. He is pointing to one photograph and smiling.

Changing perceptions about living with blindness through positive role models

Our experience clearly tells us that blind people largely exist in the fringes of our community. Being blind is not the problem, it is the understanding.

Guest Blogger, January 2015
A women has a bandage over one eye.

Improving behaviours around face washing and environmental sanitation

JHUCCP was given a grant by Sightsavers to investigate how best to improve facewashing and sanitation to prevent trachoma. Here are the findings.

Guest Blogger, December 2014

Reaching out to children with disabilities in remote areas

Early intervention is crucial in mitigating and preventing developmental disabilities.

Guest Blogger, November 2014
The sun sets over the mountains at Nsanje Hospital, Nsanje, Malawi

Beyond 2015: ensuring people with disabilities are not left out again

AK Dube reveals why it is vital to include people with disabilities in global development.

Guest Blogger, July 2011