Organisational inclusion

Susie Rodgers holds her gold medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Susie Rodgers: from the Paralympics to international development

Sightsavers' Kate Bennell reflects on Susie Rogers' lunchtime talk about her experience as a Paralympian swimmer before joining Sightsavers.

Sightsavers Social Inclusion Coordinator Kate Bennell sits at her computer, looking at a document on screen about alt text.

How to support people with hydrocephalus at work

Sightsavers’ Kate Bennell shares her experience of living with hydrocephalus and explains how employers can support colleagues with the condition.

Members of Transforming Communities for Inclusion pose for a group photo.

How people with psychosocial disabilities can claim their rights

Sightsavers’ Kate Bennell reflects on a recent talk led by Transforming Communities for Inclusion about psychosocial disabilities.

Peter Fremlin

“My aim is to make the world a better place for disabled people”

Sightsavers’ Kate Bennell talks to Peter Fremlin, curator and author of the Disability Debrief, about the online newsletter which provides a disability lens on world news.

Phyllida Swift

Why facial disfigurement is a human rights and equality issue

In our latest lunchtime talk, Phyllida Swift, the CEO of Facial Equality International, shared why facial disfigurement needs to be recognised as a human rights and equality issue.

Three people sit round a desk.

How can we include people with intellectual disabilities at work?

We recently welcomed members from Inclusion International to deliver a talk about the development of the Listen, Include, Respect guidelines.

two women sit behind a computer, laughing.

Why is disability awareness training important?

Lead trainer Kate Bennell shares learnings from developing and coordinating a staff training programme on disability awareness and inclusion.

A close-up of a woman's hand being washed with gel.

How can staff with chronic illnesses be supported at work?

Kate Bennell shares insights from a recent talk on energy-limiting chronic illness and disability inclusion, which was led by speakers from Chronic Illness Inclusion.

A lilac illustration showing icons for a calendar, eyes, a pen and books.

How Sightsavers' in-house accessibility testing has evolved

At Sightsavers, our accessibility testing has developed into a comprehensive process to make our content as inclusive as possible.

Man using a computer's built-in screen magnification options

Accessibility of remote meeting tools

Sightsavers’ Kate Bennell looks at various meeting tools and their suitability for users with disabilities. In part two of this blog, she looks at online tools used in remote meetings.

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