Sightsavers’ deworming work receives extra funding to reach millions of children

March 2022

Charity evaluator GiveWell has provided a further US$7.8 million to fund Sightsavers’ deworming work in Nigeria and Cameroon.

This additional funding means millions of school-age children can be given treatment to protect them from schistosomiasis and intestinal worms – two parasitic infections that affect more than a billion people worldwide. The medication will be provided through current deworming programmes, which have been recommended by GiveWell as being extremely cost-effective.

GiveWell’s modelling shows that Sightsavers’ deworming work in Cameroon is 13 times more cost-effective than GiveWell’s baseline measurement, and 29 times more cost-effective in Nigeria.

Since Sightsavers’ GiveWell-funded deworming work started in 2017, it has supported governments to treat 27 million children in 72,000 schools, as well as training 90,000 teachers to distribute the medication.

GiveWell is known for its in-depth analysis to find and recommend charities. In November 2021, it recommended Sightsavers’ deworming programmes for the sixth year in a row. This new funding will now enable Sightsavers’ programmes in Nigeria and Cameroon to continue until 2025.

A school student in a classroom is handed a tablet by a health worker, as other health workers and his classmates look on.

What is GiveWell?

Charity evaluator GiveWell has rated Sightsavers as one of its top charities for six years in a row for our work on deworming.

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In Cameroon, a schoolboy in a classroom has a drink of water after taking deworming medication.
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Hear first-hand how Sightsavers is working with GiveWell to control intestinal worms and schistosomiasis, two devastating diseases that affect thousands of children in Cameroon.

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Ndellejong Cosmas Eljong, Sightsavers’ technical adviser for schistosomiasis and intestinal worms, tells us via video about his work to fight parasitic worm infections and how deworming can have a huge impact on communities around the world.

Sightsavers, November 2021
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