Sightsavers at the CIES global education conference

February 2023

On 18-22 February 2023, Sightsavers is attending the Comparative and International Education Society global education conference in Washington DC.

At the conference, we will be presenting some of our innovative education projects, including how we are supporting children with disabilities to attend mainstream schools alongside their peers in Nigeria and making developmental assessments more accessible in Kenya

Sightsavers will present in four sessions during the conference.

Wednesday 15 February (online)

  • 7.45am EST
    Screening children for disabilities: a review of tools, evidence, and implementation practices.
    Speaker: Dr Julia De Kadt (Online: Zoom Room 115)

Sunday 19 February

  • 9.45am EST
    Community interventions for making inclusive education work – key experiences and learnings. With presentation by Sightsavers: Insights from the UNICEF/Washington Group module on child functioning in Nigeria.
    Location: Grand Hyatt Washington, Declaration Level (1B), Banneker
    Speakers: Gillian MacKay and Liesbeth Roolvink 
  • 6.30pm EST
    Stronger evidence for the most vulnerable children: promising practices in assessing developmental outcomes in humanitarian settings and other vulnerable contexts. With presentation by Sightsavers: Adaptation and use of IDELA for young children with disabilities in Kenya.
    Location: Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence Level (5B), Independence C
    Speakers: Veronica Stapleton and Sheru Muuo 

Tuesday 21 February

  • 2.45pm EST
    Evidence on making inclusive education work on the ground – key lessons on data, design and implementation. With remote presentation by Sightsavers: Identifying ‘what works’: reflections on findings from evaluations and learning reviews in six countries.
    Location: Grand Hyatt Washington, Declaration Level (1B), Declaration A
    Speakers: Dr Guy Le Fanu and Veronica Stapleton

For more information, visit the conference website.

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About the conference

The theme for the 2023 CIES conference is Improving education for a more equitable world.

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