Bangladesh Dhaka Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Project: evaluation

Between 2005 and 2008, Sightsavers supported the Dhaka Urban Eye Care Project, implemented by three non-government eye organisations.

Its successful completion highlighted the need for testing the feasibility of a larger approach that included other key stakeholders, such as the government, NGO and private-sector services. On completion of the pilot project, the Dhaka Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Project was launched with financial support from Standard Chartered. The project aimed to strengthen eye care facilities, increase awareness of eye care among poor urban communities, and increase access to eye services for those living in the communities.

The executive summary details how the purpose of this end-line evaluation was to assess the project achievements against targets to date. The review also aimed to identify the factors influencing programme delivery, capture key lessons learned, and recommend strategic direction to strengthen future programme design. Publication date: March 2015.

Read the full evaluation report (pdf)

Read the ‘Strengthen national capacities on paediatric ophthalmology for quality child eye health in Bangladesh’ report (pdf)

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