Global Financial Framework

This Global Financial Framework document pulls together key information on the main areas of financial management and control within Sightsavers.

Sightsavers is registered as a UK charity, and the charity and all its subsidiary organisations are regulated by the UK Charity Commission. The charity owes a statutory duty of care to its donors to ensure that funding received is spent as intended and in accordance with the objectives, as set out in Sightsavers’ governing document. A proper and effective system of financial management and control is an essential part of fulfilling this statutory duty. It is also the hallmark of any efficient organisation.

Sightsavers’ financial management and control framework incorporates governance, organisational structure, appropriately skilled, qualified, accountable and supervised managers and staff, documented corporate policies, established internal procedures and processes, and external monitoring, including audit.

The main objectives of the document are:

  • To outline the globally applicable financial policies and procedures
  • To be a central reference point for all Sightsavers staff
  • To convey an important message to our external stakeholders that Sightsavers has sound financial controls and accountability as part of our day-to-day activities as an organisation.


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