Sightsavers inclusive education strategy: championing every child’s right to education

All children have the right to good-quality inclusive education from early childhood onwards.

However, children with disabilities in low and lower middle income countries are disproportionately likely to be either out of school or to receive a sub-standard education. This not only leads to poor educational outcomes for these children, but prevents broader social inclusion.

To promote educational access and quality for children with disabilities, Sightsavers and its partners will adopt a holistic system-strengthening approach. This will involve working at all three levels of education systems (institutional, organisational, and local).

This document outlines Sightsavers’ strategic direction in education. It sets out our goals, objectives, and the system-strengthening approach that will enable us to achieve them. Publication date: May 2021

Students from Gbendembu School in Sierra Leone.

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