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Sightsavers is working to eliminate trachoma and river blindness in Burkina Faso. In 2016 we distributed 46,000 treatments for river blindness, and trained more than 570 volunteers to give out medication.

Our work in Burkina Faso

Neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma and river blindness are a major health problem in Burkina Faso, with an estimated 16 million people at risk of contracting one or more NTDs. To combat this, Sightsavers carries out mass drug administration programmes in three health districts in the Cascades region, distributing medication to treat and prevent river blindness and trachoma.

In 2016, Sightsavers distributed more than 46,000 NTD treatments across the country and trained 574 community drug distributors, enabling them to gather data and give out medication to protect against these debilitating diseases.

Dicko Boubacar Morou.

Meet our Burkina Faso Country Director

Dicko has worked for Sightsavers for more than nine years. He says: “The best part of my jobs is giving visually impaired children access to education and ensuring future generations never experience blindness from trachoma and river blindness.”

Our projects in Burkino Faso

The Tropical Data project is a data-collection initiative that uses smartphone technology to gather data as part of the global fight to eliminate trachoma in countries such as Burkino Faso. With the evidence generated from the data, ministries of health are able to pinpoint exactly where to run trachoma treatment programmes and offer life-changing support.

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More about our work

A girl in Senegal is measured with a dose pole to find out how much medication she needs to take, as part of a mass drug administration campaign to prevent the spread of trachoma.

WHO announces progress on trachoma elimination

In 2016, 85 million people were treated with an antibiotic to protect against trachoma, according to new data from the World Health Organization.

A group of children
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Sightsavers featured in Financial Times

Leading international newspaper the Financial Times has included Sightsavers’ work in an article about what is known as ‘effective altruism’.

Anuradha Pareek, a 32-year-old lady from India, is standing in a draw way smiling.
Sightsavers blog

Engagement and participation: the keys to the SDGs

Anuradha Pareek, a disability advocate and local government councillor in Bikaner, India, delivered a speech via video to a Sightsavers event at the High-Level Political Forum in New York.

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