Our work in Burkina Faso

We are working to eliminate trachoma and river blindness in the country. In 2019 we helped to distribute more than 111,000 treatments and trained more than 1,500 volunteers to give out the medication.

Diane Karama stands next to a lady and encourages her to take medicine. Both ladies are smiling.

Neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma and river blindness are a major health problem in Burkina Faso.

It’s estimated that 16 million people are at risk of contracting one or more of these debilitating diseases which, if left untreated, can lead to blindness.

To combat this, Sightsavers started work in Burkina Faso in 2011. We carry out mass drug administration programmes in three health districts in the Cascades region, distributing medication to treat and prevent river blindness and trachoma.

In 2019, Sightsavers distributed more than 111,000 treatments across the country and trained 1,500 community volunteers, enabling them to gather data and give out medication to protect against these diseases.

At a glance

Total population
  • 19.75 million

  • What we focus on
  • River blindness
  • Trachoma

  • Key programmes
  • A billion NTD treatments
  • Tropical Data project

  • Mariam gives a cheeky smile to the camera.

    How we’re making a difference

    Mariam works as a volunteer in Karfiguela village in Burkina Faso, distributing medication to protect against river blindness. “What really makes me happy is helping to prevent people from catching the disease,” she explains.

    Read Mariam’s story

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