Trachoma continues to affect many people in Republic of the Sudan. In 2017, Sightsavers examined 21,000 people for eye conditions and distributed 1.9 million antibiotic treatments to help prevent trachoma.

Our work in Sudan

Sudan has been damaged by years of civil war, with much of its population facing an inadequate water supply and poor sanitation. These conditions mean that neglected tropical diseases, such as trachoma, are rife.

As part of a push to eliminate the disease, in 2017 we helped to distribute almost 2 million antibiotic treatments for trachoma, and trained 2,600 local volunteers to give out the medication in their communities.

To help track the spread of trachoma in countries such as Sudan, in 2012 Sightsavers led the world’s largest-ever infectious-disease mapping project. With the evidence generated from the data, the country’s ministry of health will be able to pinpoint exactly where to run trachoma treatment programmes and offer life-changing support.

Dr Bilghis

How we’re making a difference

Dr Bilghis, an ophthalmic consultant, has travelled to some of the most remote, hostile areas in Sudan to carry out eye examinations and gather information about the spread of trachoma as part of the Global Trachoma Mapping Project. Some areas of the country are only accessible by plane; others cannot be reached at all because of lingering conflict.

Yet Dr Bilghis is proud of the work she has done to treat and prevent trachoma. Read Dr Bilghis’s story.

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