Our work in Sudan

We distribute medication and carries out eye screenings in areas of Sudan affected by civil war. In 2018 we provided more than 295,000 treatments for eye diseases such as trachoma.

Our work in Sudan

Sudan has been devastated by years of civil war, with much of its population facing an inadequate water supply and poor sanitation.

These conditions mean that neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma are rife.

In 2014, Sightsavers began tracking the spread of trachoma in Darfur states, expanding to Khartoum in 2015. This enabled the country’s ministry of health to pinpoint exactly where to run trachoma treatment programmes and offer life-changing support.

In 2016, we began to distribute medication to prevent and treat the disease in central, west and north Darfur – an area the size of France. In 2017 we trained 2,600 local volunteers to give out medication in their communities. Many of these volunteers are women, which enables them to visit homes that men may not otherwise be able to enter because of local customs and culture. In 2018 we distributed more than 294,000 treatments for eye diseases such as trachoma and carried out eye screenings, in areas of Sudan affected by civil war.

At a glance

Total population
  • 41.8 million

  • What we focus on
  • Trachoma

  • We teach people about the signs to look out for, so everyone can work together to prevent blindness in their community.
    Dr Bilghis, ophthalmologist in Sudan
    Dr Bilghis
    Asha Ahmed takes her medication as part of the mass drug administration project in Darfur, Sudan.

    How we’re making a difference

    Adam Elkhair, Sightsavers’ programme officer in Sudan, explains how his home country has been destroyed by civil war – and how Sightsavers is helping to protect the sight of the people left behind.

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