In 2016, Sightsavers work in Nigeria included distributing 60 million treatments for neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma, and training more than 63,000 volunteers to give out medication.

Our work in Nigeria

Sightsavers has been working in Nigeria for more than 60 years. In the 1950s and 60s, our work mainly focused on rehabilitation for people with visual impairments. In 1988, in partnership with the National Eye Centre, we began to support the Kaduna State Eye Care Programme and National Programme for the Prevention of Blindness, with a pilot programme to treat river blindness, one of a group of conditions known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Over the years our programmes have focused on providing eye health services to eliminate avoidable blindness, supporting inclusive education for children with visual impairments and organising social projects to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our work in Nigeria today focuses on controlling and eliminating NTDs across 13 states. Since 2013, we’ve helped 22 states to map the prevalence of NTDs, so our programmes are accurately targeted where they’re needed most. We are on course to eliminate these diseases in the states in which we work by 2021.

A community worker from Sightsavers' NTDs campaign.

Our one billionth treatment for NTDs

Over the past year we’ve been counting down to our one billionth supported treatment for neglected tropical diseases, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally reached our target.

The billionth treatment, an antibiotic for river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, was distributed to a seven-year-old girl named Dorcas, who was at risk of NTDs in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Read more about our one billionth treatment.

Gabriel, a community-directed distributor in Nigeria, distributes medication to combat neglected tropical diseases.

UNITED in Nigeria

Nigeria carries 25 per cent of Africa’s burden of neglected tropical diseases. To tackle this, UK aid is funding the UNITED project, which aims to deliver 112 million treatments for seven neglected tropical diseases in Nigeria.

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7 year old Dorcas is standing outside, smiling. She is the one billionth treatment beneficiary.
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Sightsavers and partners celebrate delivering a billion NTD treatments

The billionth treatment was administered on Thursday 16 November to a seven-year-old girl named Dorcas, who was at risk of NTDs in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

A girl in Senegal is measured with a dose pole to find out how much medication she needs to take, as part of a mass drug administration campaign to prevent the spread of trachoma.

WHO announces progress on trachoma elimination

In 2016, 85 million people were treated with an antibiotic to protect against trachoma, according to new data from the World Health Organization.

An ophthalmic surgeon carries out an eye examination on a man at an eye clinic in The Gambia.

Sightsavers honoured by West African health ministries

Sightsavers has received an award from the West African Health Organisation for its work to improve health centres and train eye health workers.

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