Our work in Nigeria

More than 20 million people in Nigeria are at risk of blindness from trachoma. Our work in the country focuses on treating and protecting people from trachoma and other diseases.

Women carry containers of water on their heads as they return from a river in the village of Garamach in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Sightsavers has been working in Nigeria for more than 60 years, and our first programmes in the country helped to provide eye care to help eliminate avoidable blindness.

Our work in Nigeria today focuses on controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases. It’s thought that 100 million people in Nigeria are at risk of NTDs, and people living in poverty are particularly badly affected. As part of the Global Trachoma Mapping Project, we gathered data about trachoma in Nigeria and found that the country has the second highest burden of trachoma in the world.

As a result, we helped 22 states to map the prevalence of NTDs, so our programmes are accurately targeted where they’re needed most.

In November 2017 we reached our target of providing one billion treatments for NTDs. The billionth treatment, an antibiotic for river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, was distributed to a seven-year-old girl named Dorcas in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Read more about our one billionth treatment.

We work closely with local communities, and we use local volunteers to build trust and encourage people to accept the treatments provided to them. In 2019 we trained more 133,000 community volunteers to give out medication.


My role is so important to ensure we keep our community healthy. I find joy in being able to help my village stay safe.
Baraka Ango, local volunteer
A portrait of Baraka, a female medicine distributor.

How we’re making a difference in Nigeria

Rebecca takes a selfie with Dorcas, in Nigeria.

A billion treatments

In 2017, the billionth treatment for NTDs was given to seven-year-old Dorcas in Nigeria. Read her story, and hear from the people we've helped.
Read the story

Boy is held by his mother, he has a face washing guide in his hand.

Super School of 5

This innovative project, in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia, features superhero characters to encourage school children to wash their hands.
Meet the superheroes

Community distributor Aliyu gives NTD medication to a young boy in Nigeria.

UNITED in Nigeria

The UNITED project, funded by UK aid, has delivered 116 million treatments to tackle neglected tropical diseases in Nigeria.
About the project

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More from Nigeria

A man stands for a portrait.
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Alhaji Sani Muhammad Dan'lya is the acting chairman of Sokoto State's chapter of the Joint Association of Persons with Disabilities. He helps to highlight the importance of disability inclusion within the Ascend West and Central Africa programme.

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How participatory research can change the lives of people affected by NTDs

Martins Imhansoloeva, research coordinator, shares how participatory research is helping to capture the experiences of people with NTDs and can lead to better programme design.

A sign language interpreter in a TV studio.

Nigerian TV news to feature sign language interpreters

National news bulletins in Nigeria will include sign language interpretation from July 2020, following advocacy from Sightsavers.

July 2020
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Nigeria's journey towards disability-inclusive development

We've made great progress towards a disability-inclusive society - the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is a chance to further this agenda.

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Surgeon Kabir wearing face mask on motorbike
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Providing trachoma treatment during lockdown in Nigeria

Dozens of people have received vital post-operative treatment for trachoma despite COVID-19 restrictions, thanks to eye surgeon Kabir Yahaya.

Seven-year-old Muzi together with his father
Sightsavers Reports

Muzi’s story

Seven-year-old Muzi struggled to see due to blinding trachoma. Thanks to life-changing surgery through UK aid, he is one of many who have got their sight back.

Landscape with rubbish and cows.
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Find out how our staff and partners in Bangladesh, Nigeria, India and Senegal are adapting amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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A man smiling while sat on a motorbike.
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Celebrating our health workers on World Health Day

As we thank all our health workers on World Health Day, meet six who have worked with Sightsavers to help improve eye care for people in their communities.

two volunteers ride motorbikes on a dirt road.
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March updates: highlights from around the world

Illustrations are helping researchers understand NTDs in Nigeria, plus news from Mozambique, Pakistan, India and the UK.

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Sightsavers celebrates 'Keep Sight' this World Glaucoma Week

This World Glaucoma Week Sightsavers is celebrating the launch of an ambitious partnership which tackles one of the world’s leading causes of blindness.

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two women sit behind a computer, laughing.
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Celebrating the value of employees with disabilities

Rasak Adekoya shares his career story, tells us about his role helping people with disabilities secure good jobs, and what it’s like leading a film shoot as a blind person.

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A little boy smiles after having an eye exam.
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January updates: highlights from around the world

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